Ad Unit Hub Page Execution Home Page Execution Article Page Execution
728x90 Leaderboard Yes Yes Yes
300x250 Medium Rectangle Yes Yes Yes
300x600 Half Page Unit Get AdOps Approval Get AdOps Approval No
160x600 Wide Skyscraper No Get AdOps Approval Get AdOps Approval
Exitstitial Ad Page (no interstitials) Get AdOps Approval Get AdOps Approval Get AdOps Approval
Video Overlay or Push Down Ad Unit
No Yes Yes
In-Page Auto Video Unit Yes Yes Yes

300x250 Widget Ad (300x600 widget not available until redesign)

Yes Yes Yes
Footer Ad No Yes Yes
Skin Yes Yes No

===Wikia Average CTRs


Unit Avg. CTR
Custom Skins and Window Shades/ Push Downs 1.51%
300x250 0.25%
Exitstitial 0.12%
728x90 0.15%
160x600 0.08%

For additional Ad Policy instructions please reference:

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